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Dara Bahlmann reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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Leadership. Comraderie. Accountability partners. Empowerment. Self defense skills (emotional and technical). Community of experts. These are attributes of JGMAA that have built a successful business where the customers..the students, come first. One's life will never be the same after joining the JGMAA family. Hanshi John Geyston has a way of reaching stuudents aged 3 to 73+. This academy integrates a variety of martial arts styles while keeping art disciplines pure. Worthy of 5 stars for sure.

Shawna Stevenson reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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Want to learn to defend yourself ? This is the place ! Self defense from the best ! This Academy is a Royce Gracie self defense based academy ! I have been with this academy for six years and will always be involved. This is a home!

Laura L Denk reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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Our Son Conner started at John Geyston's academy nearly 8 yrs ago. This is his thing, he loves it.
The training is truly amazing, it's helped Conner become confident in many aspects. The academy has been like family to us for many years. John & his staff take pride in all the students. We absolutely love John Geyston's academy & plan to spend many more years with them.

Jamie Stout reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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I've loved my fitness kickboxing experience! John knew my name when I arrived and made sure to see if I was comfortable the whole class. The instructors were so helpful and welcoming! Can not wait for the next class.

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The Positive Effects of Martial Arts for a Child in School

Grade school can be quite the experience for any child. It is a place where a child not

only learns academically but one where a child must learn to socialize and function in

the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative experiences that a child may

have when going through school. Whatever those experiences may be, it would be a

good idea to have a child participate in martial arts classes. Doing so will give them

the tools they need to survive the school experience. The benefits associated with

taking martial arts classes are essential for them to be able to have a positive

experience in school.


Helps them earn better grades in school

Getting good grades is reflective of a child’s comprehension of the material. But, it is

also indicative of their discipline and responsibility traits. Through martial arts,

students are to learn the fundamentals of stretch and physical routines. They also

learn to become disciplined with practice and keeping up with their cleanliness of

uniforms. Children learn how to be punctual and can focus their daily thoughts on the

tasks at hand. Thus, being able to exhibit these positive traits will translate to better

grades as schooling requires the proficiency of these characteristics.


Gives them the confidence to stand up to bullies

Bullying is a very prominent and unfortunate experience that many children will

either witness or become victims of in their lifetimes. Being a part of martial arts can

give children the strength and confidence that they need to stand up to these

negative individuals. Not only will they learn about self-defense strategies, they will

be able to feel assertive and courageous. Possessing self-confidence is the number

one way for a child to be able to stand up for him/herself in any threatening

situation. Through martial arts, they will learn that not all conflicts have to be

physical. They will possess the mature mindset to tackle any conflict with assurance

and pride.


Gives them the ability to make friends

Having friends and keeping them can be the big difference between a positive and

negative school experience for children. They will latch onto people who share

common interests with them and feel devastated when those relationships disappear.

However, for children who regularly practice martial arts, they have a different

capacity to make and keep friends in their circle. Besides making friends in the

martial arts classes themselves, children are able to easily socialize and collaborate

with other students at school. They instill a lot of the same discipline and traits they

learn from martial arts in their everyday lives. For instance, they may be first to

initiate a conversation with quiet students because they feel confident in themselves

to do so.


Being a part of something special such as martial arts can be greatly impactful for

children. Especially when it comes to school, children can gain invaluable skills and

behaviors that will allow them to have more successful experiences in social settings.

Although school is meant to teach them about a variety of things, having martial arts

as a supplement can significantly affect the way they approach schooling and their

overall experiences.