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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Dara Bahlmann reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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Leadership. Comraderie. Accountability partners. Empowerment. Self defense skills (emotional and technical). Community of experts. These are attributes of JGMAA that have built a successful business where the customers..the students, come first. One's life will never be the same after joining the JGMAA family. Hanshi John Geyston has a way of reaching stuudents aged 3 to 73+. This academy integrates a variety of martial arts styles while keeping art disciplines pure. Worthy of 5 stars for sure.

Shawna Stevenson reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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Want to learn to defend yourself ? This is the place ! Self defense from the best ! This Academy is a Royce Gracie self defense based academy ! I have been with this academy for six years and will always be involved. This is a home!

Laura L Denk reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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Our Son Conner started at John Geyston's academy nearly 8 yrs ago. This is his thing, he loves it.
The training is truly amazing, it's helped Conner become confident in many aspects. The academy has been like family to us for many years. John & his staff take pride in all the students. We absolutely love John Geyston's academy & plan to spend many more years with them.

Jamie Stout reviewed John Geyston's Martial Arts
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I've loved my fitness kickboxing experience! John knew my name when I arrived and made sure to see if I was comfortable the whole class. The instructors were so helpful and welcoming! Can not wait for the next class.

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Our latest news & thoughts

The Ultimate New Years Resolution

The New Year is here, and with thousands of goals and resolutions in sight as well,

2018 is the year you should try something new!


Martial arts is an established system that can better the entirety of your being.


Whether you need mental benefits like furthering your discipline muscle, physical

benefits like getting in shape, or maybe you’re just looking to make some new friends;

martial arts is for you.


3 Martial Arts Benefits




The most common New Year’s resolution you will hear is to get in better shape.

The physical benefits from martial arts are obvious.


Martial arts will get you in shape in a way you will find fun. Your body gets more comfortable

with itself, so you will have better control over your physical abilities as well.


Needless to say, arming yourself with the self defense tactics from martial arts makes

you better equipped to deal with some of the more dangerous physical obstacles in life.


Really, martial arts is more than just physical improvement.




Looking for more discipline, focus, and awareness?


There are several martial arts benefits, but the greatest is the mental toughness.

Martial arts helps connect your mind with your brain. It helps your mind gain the

necessary control it needs to do this. It helps you find comfort in stressful situations.


Maybe you want to be more adventurous, less scared of the world, or more adjusted to

your own body?


It’s more than just kicking and punching. The spiritual benefits are plenty. There has

always been a strong connection between the zen world and martial arts. This mental

improvement can help you deal with your anxiety, your depression, and any other

negative mental stressor that is plaguing your day to day.




The social benefits of martial arts are often overlooked.


Maybe you’ve gotten in with the wrong crowd, and have decided that you need to add

fresh faces to your life. Maybe you just need some new friends.


The martial arts community is one of the friendliest, most supportive, and inspiring

groups of people you will ever find. It’s a great place to make lifelong friends and



You will find that the martial arts world is fascinating on it’s own, and that you could

spend a whole lifetime indulging in some of its pleasantries.


You will get addicted to the lifestyle and your new friends will be able to empathize.


Why just pick one New Year’s resolution this year when you can be apart of something

that covers so much more than just one improvement?


This new year, you could be smarter, healthier, calmer, and happier.